5 different choices

Despite the tough times, there are strong women who made their choices leading to different lifestyles and they succeed in it. Whether their choices are  to be ambitious, self-loved, proud of their culture or not defined by age nor past.

Whatever you do, do not forget to respect your skin and body, to respect yourself and take care for yourself.

Choice always rhymes with freedom. Be free to choose the life you want for yourself and enjoy it.


Singer, dancer, choreographer, founder of YAS Music & Dance Studio

From the early age of three, Yasmine has filled the world with her passion for dance and music. After discovering her incredible talent for singing, she has been passionately doing both ever since!

As both a performer and teacher, Yasmine finds her daily inspiration from new music, and from her students that she is able to pass her knowledge and experience onto. As a young owner of a UAE-based music studio, Yasmine continuously visualizes her goals and reminds herself about why she started her career in music, which helps to keep her on track.

Yasmine’s favourite quote is “Hard work beats talent.” This reminds her that it’s important to work hard every single day, in order to keep reaching her goals. 

When asked about important life lessons, Yasmine provides a reminder that putting yourself out there has both positive and negative consequences, and that even the negative experiences help to build resilience and strength. 

Artist, student, model and content creator

As a young and inspiring personality in the region, Manal is an artist at heart, and dedicates a lot of time to expressing her creativity, while also focusing on her university journey and busy role as an online lifestyle content creator.  

Her daily inspirations include her family and close-knit circle of friends who have always supported her dreams and aspirations, and the many forms of art that she surrounds herself with.

With a long-term fascination for art and how it can be weaved into daily life, Manal manages to maintain her social media platforms as a unique canvas to showcase her creativity and expression through every piece of content that she creates. 

Manal, along with her sister have also formed an independent art platform in which they conceptualize and customize unique art gifts. 

With the dream of becoming an artist on a larger scale, Manal’s favourite quote is “What if it doesn’t come true? Ah, but what if it does?” One that reminds her to reach out of her comfort zone and to push herself.

Mother, Entrepreneur and Communication Strategist

Born in New Zealand and raised in the UAE, Anna is a full time mother of twins and Co-Founder of Achievher – a unique platform for women to help define their personal and professional success.

For more than a decade, Anna worked on TV, radio and as an international speaker, while providing communication training for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and brands to help them communicate effectively. Anna always had an aim to go into business, so that she could be more in more control of her own career, and aims to focus on refining her offerings and for 2021.

While balancing her busy work and personal life, Anna says that being around her children inspire her every day, through seeing how their minds work away to figure out new situations and concepts as they grow.

When asked about her favourite quote, Anna currently believes in the saying, “This too shall pass”, as it’s important to realise that we should all celebrate wins as they will come and go, just as the low points of our lives will come and go.

Stylist, content creator, 3-time cancer survivor & advocate for life after cancer

Full of vibrance and energy, Yasmin is an inspiration to everyone that meets her. She is a stylist, full-time content creator and most importantly, a 3-time cancer survivor.

As an advocate for life after cancer, Yasmin’s daily inspiration comes from the simple act of waking up each day and watching the sun rise, as it provides her energy, love and makes her feel blessed for being happy and healthy.

She ventured into styling and content creation, as it is her long-term goal to spread knowledge, lessons learned and positivity to her followers. Yasmin aims to remind her audience of the most important life lesson – that the lowest moments in your life will not last forever and could be a success story in the future.

Her favourite quote is, “Since you are living and breathing, you have a purpose.”. This stays true to Yasmin’s motivation to keep going, as there is a lot to give to the world.

The Middle East’s first curve model & body positivity advocate

As a young university student, Ameni has already claimed the title of the Middle East’s first curve model and is a public advocate for body positivity. Ameni has built a loyal following on her social media profile, which she uses as a platform to create thought-provoking content to provide confidence to other women across the globe.

Ameni is inspired by her family, friends and her followers, and began her journey as a body positivity advocate as she felt that there was a lack of public representation in the curvy community in this part of the world.

With the belief that no one should ever judge a book by its cover, Ameni feels strongly about the fact that it’s also important not to make assumptions about people and to avoid criticism, as you never know what someone is facing in their life or has gone through.

Ameni’s favourite sayings are, “Beauty beyond size” and “A confident woman is stronger than ever when she knows her worth”.

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